David Sokosh is a photographer based in Claverack, NY. He creates images using the 19th Century processes of cyanotype and wet-plate collodion (tintype). 

His Photographic Artist Book: Things That Look Like the MOON (but are not the moon), (show at right) will be on view and available for purchase at PRC Boston’s Book Market, Saturday October 22nd, 1-5PM.   For more info about the Book Market click HERE. To find out more about Things That Look Like the MOON click HERE

Things That Look Like the MOON (but are not the moon) includes a hand-made, limited edition, photographic artist book and exhibition prints. All printed with cyanotype (no ink involved).


Ongoing projects include: 
John Rogers in the 21st Century: Contemporary Issues Seen Through a 19th Century Lens; Objectified: Exploitation, Appropriation and Self-Objectification (of the male figure) on the Internet #allphotosusedwithoutpermission (also cyanotype books) and Curiosities.  

Sokosh is represented by Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY.

Image: Things That Look Like the MOON (but are not the moon), Book Installation Image at PRC Boston’s Exposure 2022 exhibition, .
All images © 2020-2022 by David Sokosh.