Brooklyn Watches

Brooklyn Watches are built in Claverack and Brooklyn, New York, by David Sokosh. They are part of an exclusive group of mechanical watches built in America. Just over 500 of them have been produced since the company started in 2009. All are powered by vintage 17 jewel, manual wind pocket watch movements that were created in the 1960’s and 70’s by Unitas in Switzerland. Brooklyn Watches combine vintage movements with contemporary cases, dials, hands and straps.

David Sokosh Photography

In the era of digital photography, David Sokosh of Claverack, NY, is part of a renaissance in hand-crafted photography. Using the mid-nineteenth-century technique of Wet Plate Collodion, Sokosh creates unique photographic pieces on metal. He is a post-industrial person, living in a self-created pre-modern world full of period objects of all kinds. This authentic process lets him explore the mindset of the early photographer/scientist/collector.

Redbarn Letterpress

Redbarn Letterpress is located (you guessed it!) inside a red barn at Claverack, New York. in beautiful Columbia County. Each greeting card is printed by the owner, David Sokosh, on one of three vintage printing presses. Using printing blocks dating from 1900 - 1970, Sokosh creates contmporary cards, sometimes irreverent, often ironic and always heartfelt.